Why people choose InsureLearnerDriver for their learner insurance

Why people choose InsureLearnerDriver for their learner insurance

Here at InsureLearnerDriver, we pride ourselves on being learner insurance specialists and delivering the best possible product for learners to use during their private practice.

We recently reached over 2,000 reviews on our official Trustpilot page and we’re extremely proud of the feedback we receive. We’re letting our customers explain why the chose us for their learner insurance.

Using InsureLearnerDriver is easier than adding a learner onto an annual policy

One of the top reasons that people use InsureLearnerDriver, is that it can be easier than adding a learner to an existing insurance policy!

All of our policies are specifically catered to learners, not an afterthought.

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We cover learners who own the car they want to practice in

As well as providing insurance for learners who want to practice in a borrowed car, we cover learners who already have their own car. Meaning you won’t need to wait until passing the test to get behind the wheel of your very first car. Just always make sure you’re with a supervising driver that meets our criteria.

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We offer learner insurance quotes in seconds

We understand that customers always want the best value, so they’re going to want to shop around. By providing visitors with a quote in just a few seconds based on some basic information, you know what we have to offer straight away. No more tedious phone calls and endless forms to get a price – we can give it to you almost straight away!

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We stay competitive on prices

Something we’re always on top of is our prices. There are enough costs involved with learning to drive, and we want to offer the best prices for all of our policies.

We offer flexible a duration on our learner insurance

We know that being a learner driver is only temporary, so we offer temporary learner insurance! Pay for what you need, there’s no need to commit to a long term policy. However, if you do want to take your time, we have annual policies that can help build your no claims bonus!


You can contact us directly

Although we’re an online product, we don’t sacrifice our customer service. We have an online chat feature where you can speak directly to our expert team whether you need help purchasing, have a query about your policy or just want to know more about what we offer!

There we have it! We are immensely proud of the positive feedback we get from our customers. We do believe that private practice is essential to not only passing the driving test but becoming a safer driver – so we want to make the insurance you need as accessible as possible.

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