What is “fronting” and why should you avoid it?

What is “fronting” and why should you avoid it?

Last week, we spoke about the decreasing number of learners on the roads due to the high costs of learning to drive. Unfortunately, due to these high costs, some learners are fronting their insurance.

So, what is “fronting” and why should you avoid it?

What does “fronting” mean?

Fronting is a way to reduce the price of an insurance premium by incorrectly stating who is the main driver of the vehicle on that policy.

Usually, this means that a parent or a more experienced driver, will state that they are the main driver, when it’s really a new driver. This in order to avoid the costs involved with insuring them.

This is actually illegal and considered fraud – which might even land you in prison.

Why do people do it?

The most expensive driver to insure is a new one. The costs are significantly higher when you’re a new driver due to the risk involved. Statistically speaking, the number of accidents involving new drivers is higher than any other group.

As a result, to save on those costs, young drivers despite being the main driver of a vehicle, will say that a more experienced driver is instead to save a few pennies.

However, there are ways that young drivers can prove those statistics wrong. This is where telematics policies come in. By opting into having a black box, you can prove you deserve lower premiums.

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Why you don’t need to front your learner insurance

There are other ways to cut the costs of insuring a learner driver. You do not have to purchase an annual policy or have to pay to be added onto someone else’s annual insurance. There are other options that could work out more cost-effective that you should explore first.

By consulting a specialist learner insurance company such as ourselves, you can take out temporary policies and pay for what you use. Also, since InsureLearnerDriver specialises in learner insurance, we try to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

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When you make the decision to start driving, you need to be prepared for the costs involved. No matter how much money you might save by fronting your insurance, it’s never worth the risk of breaking the law.

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