Weird Road Signs – That People Get Wrong On Their Theory Test

Weird Road Signs – That People Get Wrong On Their Theory Test

The Highway code is the essential learning material for all drivers (provisional and full licence). In it are the rules and regulations about driving in the UK, including what road signs mean.

Road signs are used to signal a warning, an order, a direction or to indicate information. A good road sign is one that can convey its message with a simple image, using minimal text if possible. However, there are some road signs that are not that easy to decipher.

When practising for your theory test you’ve probably come across a few bizarre or oddly specific road signs. In fact, they are probably so odd or specific that you may forget them entirely when you take your theory test. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen, so here are some road signs that people find hard to identify.

road signs - electric height cable warning


Well clearly there is some form of electricity to be wary of? Yes, but more specifically it means be weary of overhead electric cables. The ‘Safe height’ is the height a vehicle has to be to safely pass.

road signs - Explosives in a car

Hmm, a car shaped birthday candle? Not exactly. This sign means that no vehicles carrying explosives are allowed in this area. So, if you’ve got fireworks in the car, turn around.

road signs - falling rocks

Is that what it looks like? Actually, in this case, it is! Even though it may seem oddly specific, this sign indicates the potential for falling rocks up ahead.

level crossing - no barrier

A big ‘X’, does it mean no entry? No, in fact this means there is a level crossing ahead with no barriers or gates. You can keep going, just make sure to stop if a train is coming.

road signs - level crossing barrier

Beware of upcoming fences? Well that’s not far off. It means there is a level crossing up ahead, but this time there will be a barrier or gate.

road signs - narrow road both sides

road signs - narrow road left or right

These are actually quite a common road signs, but the imagery doesn’t clearly convey what they mean. Both signs mean the road narrows ahead. The left sign means both sides of the road narrow ahead, the right sign means the right-side of the road narrows ahead (this can also be shown on the left, to indicate the left-side of the road narrows ahead).

road signs - Overtaking


Clearly this is to do with fashion? as red cars must never be seen next to black cars. Nope, this sign actually means there is no overtaking allowed in the following area – single file please!

side winds


Ugh, have we suddenly entered a race? Cause that looks like a finish line flag. This sign actually indicates that there may be possible side winds.

cattle wild horse wild life

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These are actually quite straightforward, but each one means something slightly different. The left sign means ‘cattle may appear’; the centre sign means ‘wild horses or ponies may appear’ and the sign on the right means ‘wild animals may appear’.

These are just a few signs from the UK Highway code, what signs do you think are hard to remember? Let us know in the comments below.