Spring Into Action with Learner Driver Insurance

Spring Into Action with Learner Driver Insurance

Despite a few chilly mornings, we are beginning to creep into the sunnier spring season. With a new season comes new opportunities for learner drivers. Make the most of it, get some learner driver insurance cover, and get practising!

Winter has come and gone – time for learner driver insurance

During winter, the days are shorter and the opportunities to practise can be limited. Not every learner is confident about driving in darker conditions or in more adverse weather conditions (snowy winds, icy roads, thick fogs).

Spring has a few noticeable differences from winter, that will allow you to get the most out of your learner driver insurance policy.

More sun, more practise

With the sun staying out longer, the opportunities for a learner driver to go out practising increase too. No longer are you restricted to just a few hours’ practice in the afternoon, quickly trying to rush things through, so you can get home before dark.

With no daily time restrictions imposed on an Insurelearnerdriver learner driver insurance policy, you’ll be able to make use of every available second of daylight.

two girls in a sunny car

Better sights

When you’re driving, it’s nice to have a good view. British winter weather can be summed up with two words – ‘grey’ and ‘barren’.

Winter is the month where most people stay inside for a reason, as everything that lives outside doesn’t last long. Trees are bare, wildlife has tucked itself away, and your local park looks almost post-apocalyptic it’s so empty.

In spring, you’ll start to see kids roaming the streets, trees blooming, and wildlife bustling. You’ll also be able to attend more outdoor festivals and events.

Better mood

Winter is statistically the saddest season, with summer being the happiest. For all those dedicated learner drivers who started their tuition in the winter – we salute you. You are an inspiration to us all. However, not everyone can battle the winter blues, they would rather wait until the cheerier spring / summer months before starting to drive.

People are available

Spring is probably the perfect time to find yourself an accompanying driver.

During winter people are again in a worse mood, so may be less likely to lend a helping hand. People may also be unavailable, due to Christmas obligations and money might be tight, so they can’t afford to let you practise in their car (and use their petrol).

Moreover, during the peak of summer, people may be busy. They may have holidays planned or events they must attend, so finding someone to accompany you could be problematic.

Spring is that perfect ‘in-between season’ for learning to drive. It’s the optimal time to take out a learner driver insurance policy.