How Many Driving Lessons Is Enough?

How Many Driving Lessons Is Enough?

It’s a question commonly asked once you get your driving licence…”how many lessons did you have?” This dreaded question often forms a competition amongst new drivers; who can get a driving licence from having the fewest lessons?


Of course we are going to say ignore what everyone else is saying and do whatever you are comfortable with – but that is easier said than done. So, here are a few things to remember when it comes to judging how many driving lessons you should be having before you pass.


1. It isn’t about lessons; it is about hours of practice and how much commitment you put into getting your driving licence. The misconception that the higher the amount of driving lessons that you have the worse you are at driving is complete rubbish. The factor that matters the most is how much thought you are actually putting into your lessons, both before and after. There is no point in having a mindless driving lesson and not reflecting upon it. Think about what you need to work on before and after each lesson. That way you will get much more out of your practice – we promise.


2. Remember, anyone can book a driving test; it doesn’t mean that person is ready and guaranteed to pass. So you may find your peers bragging that their test is booked, but remember this isn’t a reflection of their driving ability.


3. Having more lessons is actually a positive thing. Would you rather venture out onto the roads with a lack of understanding on how things work, or not be capable of controlling your car in conditions you may not have experienced before? Having an adequate amount of driving lessons will help you become a confident and able driver when you do finally venture out onto the roads alone.


4. It doesn’t all depend on driving lessons, you can also do practice private with your parents, friends. You can gain unlimited practice this way, which isn’t measurable against the whole ‘how many lessons did you have’ competition.


5. I’ll let you into a secret about my driving practice, I remember asking my instructor “how many lessons do you think I have had altogether” and he replied with “over 100”. This sounds like a shocking number, but it is what I needed in order to become a safe driver. I wasn’t a natural at driving, it took time. But three years later I have got three years worth of no claims bonus and thoroughly enjoy driving around. Having hundreds of lessons is nothing to be embarrassed about; it’s just part of your unique learning experience (pricey it may be, but safety is cheaper – honestly).


So try and stay out of competition with your friends, it really is as simple as…take your test when you’re ready. Make sure you get plenty of practice in before the big day because at the end of the day you’ll be a safe, able driver and you’ll be the one laughing, not the person whose had the fewest lessons.