Christmas Spirit – 5 Good Gifts For Your Learner Driver

Christmas Spirit – 5 Good Gifts For Your Learner Driver

In the spirit of Christmas you may be wondering “What can I do for my loved ones?”

You might know a little worried learner driver who has their driving test coming up soon, that could benefit from a bit of support. So if you want to do something nice for them this Christmas take a look.

Here are 5 holiday gifts, perfect for a learner driver:

The Gift of Learner Driver Insurance

Learner driver insurance allows you to supervise the driving of somebody who is currently learning to drive (as long as you both meet the accepted criteria of the provider). With this type of insurance you can cut the price of learning to drive, by reducing the number of paid lessons they’ll need. You also provide an opportunity for them to refine their skills and you can perhaps teach them some of your own hints and tips, it’s the whole package really.

The Gift of Knowledge

Apart from learner driver insurance, which helps with practical experience, you could go down the knowledge route. Fill their stockings with a few handy, dandy highway code revision packages. Companies like Driving Test Success can provide a whole host of both physical and e-resources from theory test, hazard perception, road signs and much more!

The Gift of Recovery

The roads are not always forgiving, but there are a few things that can make them better. With learner driver insurance they are free to go practising with anyone who meets the acceptance criteria. This gives learner drivers the freedom to drive wherever they want, whenever they want.

Having this kind of freedom is certainly helpful but can be quite problematic if they decide to venture out further than normal and the vehicle breaks down. It’s understandable that anyone, let alone a learner, would panic in this situation, so put them, and yourself at ease with the gift of roadside assistance.

santa hushing people in front of Christmas treeThe Gift of Guidance

Probably one of the best things anyone can have in their car is a Sat Nav. Unless you’re very familiar with a route, driving on new roads is stressful. Trying to navigate your way somewhere unfamiliar can be bad enough, it’s even worse if you’re a learner driver still getting to grips with driving. Put them on a multi-lane, super busy road, where it’s all too easy to take a wrong turn and get totally lost. Even seasoned drivers would appreciate this gift!

The Gift of Hope

Learning to drive is already expensive enough as it is. Perhaps a great gift for somebody who is struggling to fund their driving tuition, is to cover the cost of their theory test. At just £23 it’s not much, but it’s just one less expense- you can even surprise them with it on Christmas day.

Christmas is the time for giving, give back to the ones you love and have a very Merry Christmas everyone!