All You Need to Know About Taking Your Driving Test in Your Own Car

All You Need to Know About Taking Your Driving Test in Your Own Car

Taking your driving test in your own car can be beneficial for learner drivers. We have put together our advice for those who wish to do so. We simply want to make sure that you don’t run into any problems on the day of your driving test.


Should you take your driving test in your own car?

Some learner drivers choose to take their driving test in a car of their own instead of their instructor’s car, purely because it’s easier for them. If they’ve been learning to drive or have spent a good amount of time practising in a certain car, then they will prefer to take the test in that one.

It doesn’t need to be your own car, it could be one you’ve borrowed from a friend or relative. It makes sense to take your driving test in a car that feels familiar to you.

Taking your driving test in your own car that you’ll be driving once you pass, will also be beneficial to you as a full licensed driver.

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Is my car suitable for the driving test?

If you feel like taking your driving test in your own car (or a borrowed car) you’ll need to make sure it’s in test condition first.

The car must:

  • Be roadworthy with a current MOT
  • Have a valid tax disc and be insured during the period of the driving test
  • Have a speedometer measuring speed in mph
  • Have no warning lights showing
  • Have L-plate on the front and rear of the car
  • Have a seatbelt for the examiner
  • Have an interior rear-view mirror for the examiner
  • Have a passenger headrest

To check the full specifications, click here to be redirected to the Government website.

Insurance for taking the driving test

As we mentioned previously, you have to have a valid insurance policy to be able to take the driving test in your own car.

The insurance needs to be in the learner drivers name to be valid for the driving test. Here at InsureLearnerDriver, we provide insurance policies for the driving test – whether that car you’re using is borrowed or your own.

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Driving home from the driving test

Another perk of insuring your car through InsureLearnerDriver for your driving test is that you can potentially drive yourself home afterwards!

This all depends on the type of policy you have with InsureLearnerDriver, here’s a diagram for more information:

  • If you purchased a policy with a cover period of 7 days or over, the Insurance Company of those policies also covers you ‘for up to 3 hours to drive directly home to your usual home address following your Driving Test’.
  • Policies with a cover period of 1-6 days do not include this, meaning that they end immediately when you pass your driving test

To find out more about insurance for your driving test, click here

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