6 bad driving habits new drivers need to avoid

6 bad driving habits new drivers need to avoid

According to the latest research, one in five drivers are involved in a crash within a year of passing their driving test.

Now, we don’t believe all new drivers should be painted with the same brush. We understand that once you’re behind the wheel by yourself, this is where we develop our own driving habits. Not all are bad, but some seemingly harmless ones can put yourself and other road users at risk.

Here’s the ones you need to watch out for.


Using your mobile phone



We cannot stress how dangerous this is. We all love our phones, but there is absolutely no reason to be using it whilst driving. Throw it into that glove compartment, stick it on silent, and keep it out of sight and out of mind. Most smartphones even have a driving mode, which disables your functions and let’s anyone who gets in touch know that you are driving.

Not to mention it’s illegal, and if you’re caught doing it in your first two years on the road, you’ll automatically lose your licence.


Not indicating



This one not only leaves our blood boiling, but not indicating can also cause serious safety issues on the road. If you’re too lazy to pull a lever before turning, you might want to consider giving up your car keys for a bus pass.


Relying on that reserve tank



We know there’s two types of drivers; the ones who are obsessed with keeping their tank full, and the ones who are constantly running on empty. We recommend avoiding the reserve tank, because running on empty can cause the fuel pumps on your car to heat up and wear out quicker! So save yourself a trip to the garage by getting down to the petrol station.


Ignoring your blind spots




Listen, we know you’re no longer driving with an instructor, but you were taught certain things for a reason. All kinds of stuff could be lurking in the depths of your blind spot: cyclists, pedestrians, another car, a puppy, the list goes on. Remember, having a full 360-degree view of what’s happening around you will keep you and other road users safe.


Not wearing your seat belt




We’re not sure why people feel the need to refrain from wearing a seat belt, but it certainly isn’t worth the risk it poses to you, and others in the car.The law might even be changing soon too, meaning you could not only be fined, but points could be added to your licence. Make sure to remind your passengers to belt up before a journey too!





When we gain confidence on the road, sometimes our patience can run low. You might find yourself wanting to get places faster or annoyed by other road users, resulting in you getting way too close to the vehicle in front of you. Just be aware this gives you significantly less time to brake if something happens to the vehicle in front. Keep your cool and keep your distance.

Like we previously mentioned, we don’t think new drivers deserve half the stick they get. Sometimes, it’s the people with the most years on the road that have the worst driving habits. Unfortunately, that’s something they gained after the driving test.

By tackling these bad driving habits in the beginning of your driving journey, they can turn into good habits, which makes you a safer driver.

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