5 reasons to buy a car as a learner

5 reasons to buy a car as a learner

What if we told you, there are some good reasons not to wait until you pass your driving test to buy a car?

There are actually some good reasons to buy a car as a learner! So, whether you’re debating it or need a few more reasons to convince your family members to agree to it, you’ll want to read on.

You can start practising outside of lessons




The main reason why most people buy a car as a learner, is so they can get their hours of driving practice in between their lessons.

Practising outside of lessons can make a huge difference when learning to drive. You’re able to set your own pace and put what you learned with your instructor into practice.


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You can start to feel comfortable whilst driving




Learning to drive is all about discovering new-found freedom. Driving in a car you actually own, can do wonders for your confidence. The more confident and comfortable you feel behind the wheel, the better.


You can take your driving lessons in it




Your instructor’s car is all well and good, but it’s nothing compared to your own!

Learning new skills in the car you’ll be driving after the test is hugely beneficial and might also help you to remember important manoeuvres or observations.


You can take your driving test in it




Being able to keep your cool is a key part of acing the driving test. Sometimes, being in your own car for the test can bring a sense of calm to a nerve-racking situation.

It won’t make miracles happen, but it might make you feel more comfortable!


You’ll be more prepared for when you pass




Once you’ve passed your driving test (woo!), you’ll be ready to finally drive in your car alone. No messing around, no getting used to another car, just get your insurance sorted and off you go! Enjoy your freedom!

Whether you plan to buy a car as a learner or you plan to stick to borrowing a friend or family member’s car, private practice is an essential part of learning to drive. Not only does it increase your chances of passing your test, but also passing it as a safe and more experienced driver.

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